Dollish PINK Extensions offers quality protective frontals. 


Our 13x4 frontals serve the purpose to protect your natural hair, which is well known as your "leave out", also offering versatility and illusion. 


Depending on your stylist and preference, frontals can be styled multiple ways (middle part, side part, up down, and more). 


We offer frontals in natural color only at the moment.


Our frontals has the perfect hair density, which means they are not too thick or too thin. The baby hairs on the frontals are mild, due to some Dolls preferring not to have them. If you find that you'd like additional baby hairs, please inform your stylist before installation. 


Doll Note: Unfortunately, we are not able to meet all of our Dolls, which means we can not measure your head/ hairline size upon purchasing. If your head is smaller than normal, you may have to have your frontal customized before instillation. We do not offer customization, and we are not responsible for any damages if any shall occur upon customization. Please choose your stylist wisely, and ask questions before making Dollish decisions. 

Pretty Frontals