Girls LOVE Curls!

Here you have found our amazing Deep Wave texture (AS SHOWN ON THE PICTURE) .


This texture is very beautiful and one of our doll favorites.


This texture can be worn just as the other textures can (straight, curled, or natural state).


Dolls Go Deep is easily maintained, and especially if you wear it in the natural state.


If so, it is recommended that you purchase leave in conditioner to keep your curls fly. 


The braid method is another good way to keep up with your curls. If you choose to do this method the longer the braids are in, the better the results. 


(Keep in mind)

Once you apply excessive heat to the hair, it will slowly begin to lose the curl that it has in it's natural state. If you plan to wear the deep curl pattern, do not continuously apply heat.


If you like changing your style often, you should try our Dollish Straight  or Baby Doll Body textures instead. 

Dolls Go Deep